LoloShare Ride’s, Ride sharing handles all payment transactions through points in a secure manner.

LoloShare Ride charges a nominal 6% of points towards the cost of technology, services, infrastructure and support.

Following table demonstrates fare for different distances wrt vehicle types

Distance (in KM) Discount on starting fare Vehicle Type Details
2W 4W Luxury
0-5 0 10 15 20 Min fixed amount
5-15 0 2 3 4 Per km rate
15-25 5 1.9 2.85 3.8 Per km rate
25-35 15 1.7 2.25 3.4 Per km rate
>35 30 1.4 2.1 2.8 Per km rate

Purchasing and Redemption Process in LoloShare is explained as below;

Purchase Lolo Points

  •  User specifies the quantity of Lolo Points he/she wishes to purchase
  •  User is informed how much the will the quantity of points specified cost
  •  User pays the amount through the paytm gateway
  •  Once the transaction is completed, Users account is credited with the Lolo points
  •  Points to Paytm Conversion rate: 2%
  •  So to purchase 100 Lolo Points you need to pay 102 Rs

Redeem Lolo Points

  • User indicates how many points he/she wishes to redeem
  • User is informed how much amount will be credited to the paytm wallet
  • User specifies paytm wallet detail
  • Amount gets transferred to the paytm wallet
  • Points to Paytm Conversion rate: 2%
  • So when u redeem 100 Lolo Points you will get 98 Rs credited to your paytm wallet

User Earns Lolo Points

  • User Enters the system in Host mode
  • Gives a ride
  • Earns Points at the end of the ride

User Spends Lolo Points

  • User enters the system as a Passenger
  • User acknowledges taking a ride
  • User spends lolo points towards the ride

Refund Policy

Trip Refunds (In terms of Lolo Points for incomplete ride shares post acknowledgment of Pickup) are as per the following chart;

Trip Completion Host Reversal (Debit) Passenger Reversal (Credit)
Not Started 100% 100%
Less Than 50% 50% 100%
More Than 50% 0% 50%