About Us

Welcome to Loloshare

Deep research on Traveller Experiences, led to an important insight - The need of a significant social impact of transport infrastructure – which goes far beyond issues of congestion and pollution and pervades into security, personalization and engagement.

“LoloShare-Ride” aims to link all govt. agencies and corporates to create an inter-connected network of secured-communities, using smart algorithms, while addressing the growing need of an access economy.

Trust and Safety Management

  • Corporate users provide enterprise email-id
  • Email-Ids are synchronized with Enterprise for activation/passivation state assurance
  • Users Key-In OTP received on email-Id to authenticate themselves
  • Easy registration of vehicle and personal details
  • Personal details are synchronized with Enterprise

Intelligent Match and Broad Incentive Management

  • Users publish trip as passenger or driver
  • Discover each other on real time match of coordinates
  • Trip-Request, Acknowledgement, Accept and Drop are events to identify states of Lolo Ride Share process
  • Cashless transaction: wallet and UPI based payment management
  • Redemption of cash-equivalent Lolo points on a console of choices ranging from petrol to groceries to dining.

Deep Analysis and Automated Off-line

  • Easy On-board and permission management console for Enterprises/Corporates
  • Multi-tenanted Admin dashboard to configure Enterprise rules
  • Cloud Service Desk to manage Off-line travel transactions for interim system failures
  • Service Desk to handle and manage call tickets with detailed derivation
  • Business Intelligence to derive Ride and Carbon usage patterns


Fellow Riders

Will Provide As We Receive The Same.

Install LoloShare Mobile APP

Lolo Ride Share app offers in-city rides on a point to point basis with maximum security and real-time availability. We are assuring security to the way you move around in your city with a gamification of incentives. How the Lolo Ride Share app works is really simple:

For a Lolo Passenger -
  1. Set your pickup location (Eg: from Office, Home or your current location)
  2. Select the Lolo Host you want and see all available hosts close by
  3. Tap "Request pickup" to book your ride
  4. Get instant confirmation of acceptance/rejection with host details
  5. On acknowledgement the ride gets registered
  6. See your ride en-route on the map
  7. Pay only after completion of your ride using Paytm to ride cash-free!
For a Lolo Host -
  1. Set your pickup location (Eg: from Office, Home or your current location)
  2. Receive "Request for a ride" and able to see the Passenger details
  3. Accept/Reject the request of Passenger
  4. On acknowledgement from Passenger, the ride gets registered
  5. See your ride en-route on the map
  6. Receive cash equivalent to Lolo points to redeem on wish